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Mabel White

Our History

Mabel White

On June 11, 1904 a legend was born. We would like to take a moment to honor our late founder, Mabel White, on what would be her 115th birthday.  

At the age of 49, Mabel White started in the restaurant business with Mabel’s Lunchroom in 1953 on College Drive in Decorah.  Students from nearby Luther College were regular customers.  

Mabel often let them make their own sandwiches and change at the register. One fateful day, a student asked if he could make himself a “pizza.” Mabel agreed without knowing what a pizza was or understanding how this would change her life and eventually become an icon of Decorah.

In 1968, Mabel paid tribute to the item that attracted overwhelming attention and renamed her restaurant "Mabe’s Pizza."  Over a short time, Mabe’s Pizza grew a reputation for delicious pizza cut into squares with made-from-scratch crust and sauce paired with sincere customer service. Mabel’s family shared the joy she found in serving the food to others and have carried on this tradition since. Mabel’s youngest son, Don White and his late wife Maime took over the restaurant in 1981.  Don’s oldest son, Steve White and his wife Connie have had the business since 1999 and today son, Collin White, is General Manager.

Mabel passed away in 2002 when she was 97 years old, she left a legacy for how the pizza should be made and the customers should be treated. Her Spirit (and recipe) are honored with each of the 100,000 (plus) pizzas served every year!!!

Mabe’s Pizza has been in several locations around Decorah, in 1978 the restaurant moved to its current building at 110 East Water Street in downtown Decorah.  We invite you to join us...  See you soon!

'Our Story' Collin White (Manager)

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Published on May 30, 2018.  

Made-from-scratch tradition with sincere customer service! Mabe’s Pizza enjoys the satisfaction of serving food to others and has carried this tradition since their beginning as Mabel's Lunchroom in 1953. "We love to support our community. Being here for 65 years now, I like to think that we're a stone in the community to help out who ever we need and whenever it needs to be done.” - Collin White, Manager of Mabe’s Pizza